Tomas Costanza Tomas Costanza
Tomas Costanza is an American producer/songwriter and owner of Killingsworth Recording Company. Songwriting credits include soundtracks such as Freaky Friday, Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen, Summer Catch and Mission Impossible II which have collectively sold over 4.2 million copies worldwide R.I.A.A.

Tomas has produced several noted albums and most recently teamed up with Clinton Sparks, Macklemore and 2 Chainz. Artists and producers who have worked out of Killingsworth include Martin Johnson (Boys Like Girls), Icona Pop, SkyBlu, Hollywood Undead, RiFF RaFF, Boyz 2 Men, Secondhand Serenade, We The Kings, and Tiffany Alvord.

Killingsworth Recording Company has recently partnered with with Hitcher Music to build custom catalogs for TV and film. Tomas is currently leading the Killingsworth team as they write for film and major network shows such as Ocean Mysteries, One Life To Live, Lucky Dog, White Collar Brawlers, Party On and Game Changers.

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